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Processing of data

This Privacy Policy establishes the terms under which, in the event that Global Activo Soluciones S.L. collects or the user (hereinafter the “User”) provides Global Activo Soluciones S.L. with personal data through the Global Activo Soluciones S.L. platform (hereinafter the “Platform”) supplied by Global Activo Soluciones S.L. via the URL address

Global Activo Soluciones S.L. acting as the controller of the Users’ personal data, collects Users' personal data from the Users during their registration process, at a later stage when Users voluntarily decide to provide further information through the Platform and from Users' session while they browse or use the Service.

Global Activo Soluciones S.L. performs the processing of Users' personal data for the following purposes: (i) to render, administer, manage and improve the Service, as well as maintaining the relationship established between the User and Global Activo Soluciones S.L. and (ii) to inform Users about the Service and its new features, including sending information bulletins about new content, promotions or competitions related to the Service as well as other products and services offered by Global Activo Soluciones S.L. or commercialised by Global Activo Soluciones S.L. or by third parties through the Platform.

By accepting this Privacy Policy Users expressly authorise Global Activo Soluciones S.L. to process their personal data for the purposes described in this document and share Users' personal data with other companies belonging the Global Activo Soluciones S.L. Group. Such transfer is made for the purposes of the analysis and statistics of the Global Activo Soluciones S.L. services, for promotion and marketing of Global Activo Soluciones S.L. Group Services, for provide technical payment services and fraud detection. The User expressly gives consent to this share of his personal data.

Global Activo Soluciones S.L. implements the technical and organizational measures that are appropriate to ensure the security of Users' personal data including preventing the alteration, accidental loss or destruction and/or unauthorized or unlawful processing of these, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks that they are exposed to.

The Users will in any case be responsible for the veracity of the facilitated data, and Global Activo Soluciones S.L. reserves the right to exclude from the service any Publisher or Advertiser that has provided false data, without prejudice to any lawful action.

User's rights

Users will be able to exercise the rights access, objection, rectification or cancellation as recognized by the applicable Law at Global Activo Soluciones S.L.’s registered office (Global Activo Soluciones S.L., Jacometrezo 15, 6th. floor, 28013 Madrid, Spain). For Users' convenience, and without prejudice to the necessity to comply with certain formal requirements, Global Activo Soluciones S.L. offers the possibility of exercising the rights of individuals through the electronic mail address: attaching a copy of the ID card of the User.

Global Activo Soluciones S.L. collects and handles Users' personal data according to Spanish Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data ("Law on the Protection of Personal Data") which is consistent with the standards established by the European regulation about the processing of personal data.


To facilitate users' navigation of the Platform, Global Activo Soluciones S.L. uses cookies and other storage methods with similar functionality (hereinafter "Cookies").

Cookies are small pieces of information that are saved onto the device from which the Service is accessed and which allow Global Activo Soluciones S.L. to provide certain services such as the ability to recall certain aspects of your most recent content search so that subsequent searches will be faster. Cookies can be removed from your device if you so desire. Most browsers will automatically accept Cookies. However, you can change the settings of your device to prevent Cookies being saved or to remove Cookies which may already be present on your device. Most of the services of our Website can be used without Cookies.

Global Activo Soluciones S.L. uses its own Cookies and Third Party Cookies as follows:

  • Cookies which are strictly necessary to provide a service expressly requested by the user: Specifically, Global Activo Soluciones S.L. uses the necessary cookies to save a User's login.
  • Session Cookies: These Cookies are saved and valid for a fixed period of time only, that is, until the user quits navigating or using the Service. These Cookies do not permanently save any information onto your device. Navigation Cookies: The primary objective of these Cookies is to avoid offering you recommendations which are unrelated to your areas of interest, as well as to provide you with targeted and personalized commercial offers.
  • Navigation Cookies function by temporarily tracking your Internet navigation. You can remove this type of cookie before starting a navigation session in the Service
  • Statistical Cookies or Analysis Cookies: These Cookies provide the following information:
    • The dates and times of your visits to the Service
    • Your access to content during your visits to the Service
    These Cookies are designed to personalize the Service, improve the user experience, create separate profiles of user activity on the websites, and generate statistics on user activity within the Platform. This allows us to focus our efforts on improving the areas most frequently visited by users as well as help users find what they need more quickly.

    Global Activo Soluciones S.L. may use the information regarding your visit to perform assessments and generate statistics using anonymized data, as well as to ensure uninterrupted service or to make improvements to the Service. This information will not be used for any other purposes whatsoever. All of these purposes are deemed to be non-intrusive of Users' personal and private lives.
  • Cookies from social networks: Specifically, Twitter Badge and Facebook Connect which control interaction with the widgets from these external social networks. Through the use of Social Plugins, the Platform interacts with the Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest networks to allow you to share content you find interesting with your social circles. Furthermore, the use of Social Plugins saves you from having to provide the Platform with your personal login information to fetch information already shared within the scope of said social networks. Third party cookies for behavioral marketing/retargeting: these cookies are used by trusted third companies to target registered or unregistered Users who previously have interacted with or visited the Service through any electronic means.
  • Third party cookies do not obtain any information regarding users’ names or the address from where they connect. The information recorded includes for example the users’ IP from which they have access, the number of page visits, the language, the city where the user’s IP address is assigned, the number of users that visit us, and the frequency or repetition of their visits. This enables Global Activo Soluciones S.L. to advertise its latest offers through the different affiliated websites, to monitor the advertising campaign, and to show advertisements that are adapted to users’ preferences.

You can configure your browser to accept or reject all Cookies by default, or to receive an on-screen notification each time a Cookie request is made at which point you can decide whether or not to allow said cookie to be saved onto your hard drive. To this end, we recommend that you consult the help section of your browser for information on how to change the settings that you currently use.

Should you decide to reject all Cookies, you will continue to be able to navigate the Platform but your access to certain sections may be limited.

Last update: 2018.

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